Our demand forecasting solution

Machine learning-supported demand planning in your target system

The increasing complexity of supply chains is overwhelming existing planning processes. Machine learning algorithms are the technological answer to the challenge of this increasingly dynamic market development.

The pacemaker demand forecasting solution uses your internal data and existing expert knowledge, supplements them with further influencing factors, and delivers forecasts directly to your target system with over 90% accuracy. For easier, data-based decisions in your planning process.

More about demand forecasting

How Berco uses AI-supported demand forecasting

By using pacemaker.ai's machine learning technology, we are able to significantly improve the accuracy of our demand forecasting, optimize planning processes and promote sustainable growth.

Diego Buffoni - Managing Director @ Berco Aftermarket
Our carbon intelligence solution

Calculate the carbon footprints of your products using machine learning

When manufacturing a product, CO₂ emissions are often unavoidable. Investors, regulations, and customers are increasingly demanding a reduction in CO₂ emissions. However, calculating CO₂ emissions is increasingly presenting companies with major challenges.

Our carbon intelligence solution uses machine learning to calculate your carbon footprints, provides deep insights into your supply chain, and makes decisions easier.

Your starting point on the way to becoming a data-based company

Our data & project experts are at your disposal: We advise you on all topics relating to demand forecasting, data quality, machine learning, and carbon intelligence.

Data Science & AI Consulting: What can AI do for you?

You want to find out whether AI is a solution for you or which challenges can be solved with AI and data science methods. We'll tell you and examine your requirements.

Data Thinking Workshops: Your Start into a Data-Driven Supply Chain

You know that Data Science is the solution, but you're not sure where exactly to start? In our Data Thinking Workshops, we find the answers to your questions.

Schedule for an initial consultation

Regardless of where you currently stand, our team is happy to assist you in a free initial consultation. Together, in just about 30 minutes, we'll look at your challenges and our solution.

What can pacemaker.ai do for your company?

Artificial Intelligence is the answer to many challenges in modern Supply Chain Management. However, for many companies, implementing AI becomes the actual challenge.

The pacemaker.ai expert team supports you as a digital companion and provides two turnkey solutions for your data-driven Supply Chain Management with its in-house Demand Forecasting and Carbon Intelligence software.

Demand forecasting

Are your planning tools no longer keeping up with market dynamics? ML-supported forecasts can help.

CO₂ Footprints & Intelligence

When it comes to capturing your CO₂ emissions, Machine Learning offers immense benefits. We'll show you how you can benefit from it.

Data Science & AI-Consulting

Want to know how AI & Machine Learning can solve your SCM challenges? We'll tell you.

Data Thinking Workshops

How can you efficiently use your existing data? We'll answer this question with you in an initial workshop.

How does it work?

Collaborating with us is structured and efficiently designed to provide you with the best service. Your success is our goal!


Initial Consultation

In a first non-binding appointment, we examine your challenges and together assess whether our solution could be right for you. In just about 30-60 minutes, you'll learn everything about our products and solutions.



In our data thinking workshops, we use design thinking methods to put your data, your company, and your users at the centre. So that AI offers the added value you expect.



During this phase, we work intensively with your data and get to know it. We establish data exchange and prepare the information for prediction. The costs for this step vary depending on the effort involved.


Regular operation

Finally, we implement your forecast in the cloud. Our goal is to automate the forecast and achieve the highest precision in prediction. Let's take your forecasts to the next level together!

Become a Pacemaker - Career

The Best of Both Worlds

In our corporate startup, we combine the stability and resources of an established traditional corporation with the innovative power and dynamism of a startup.

Here, you will find a unique working environment where security meets adventure and traditional boundaries are redefined. Become part of our team and shape the future of the supply chain with us.

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Let's work together to ensure the sustainable success of your company.

During the initial consultation, we evaluate your project goals and offer you tailor-made support. From specific ideas to complex consulting via demand forecasting and carbon intelligence — use our pacemaker.ai for maximum business success!

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