Demand forecasting

Machine learning-supported demand planning in your desired system

Optimize your supply chain with! Precise planning through demand forecasting enables data-based forecasts. Start a sustainable future: Make an appointment for advice to make smart decisions.

Forecasts with up to
96 % precision

Our demand forecasting software provides you with highly accurate forecasts with over 90% accuracy in your desired system or as a.csv export.

Demand forecasting

Use the knowledge of your data to make better decisions.

Forecast inventory, staffing requirements, and more.

Stocks low
90 %

Our forecasts regularly achieve over 90% accuracy.


possible influencing factors and data sources for your forecasts.

Machine learning

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, we can recognize complex relationships in your data and can tell you the factors influencing your forecasts.

Influencing factors identified

Machine learning in your target system

You don't need any new software. Use our diverse integrations for machine learning-based forecasting results in your desired system.
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In 6 weeks to AI-powered forecasts

With, you get highly accurate forecast results based on your existing data. We enrich every forecast with external influencing factors from our data hub to achieve the best possible results.

Initial consultation

In a non-binding initial consultation, we will determine your project, check the requirements and feasibility, and agree on the goals for the Data Thinking Workshop.


Data Thinking Workshop

In 4 - 8 hours, we get to know your company, your business model, and your data basis. We check which data is relevant and define external influencing factors.

Together, we define the scope for the onboarding phase.


During onboarding, we generate the first forecasts based on your database and check together which influencing factors matter.

We check the added value for your team, adjust data sources and influencing factors until the best possible result is guaranteed and we make the forecasts into regular operation.


Regular operation

Automatic forecasts at the push of a button. Thanks to onboarding, we can use your database and other external factors to provide new forecasts at regular intervals in our software or the system of your choice.

Demand forecasting

Why is Demand Forecasting the future for your company?

Put an end to inaccurate, time-consuming Excel forecasts! Secure yourself in uncertain markets. Unleash the potential of your data in close collaboration with us.

Our demand forecasting uses historical sales data, and factors from external influencing factors and predicts future demand so that you can make better data-based decisions along your supply chain.

Up to 96%

achieve our forecasts

Over 30%

more efficiency along the
Supply chain


external influencing factors in our DataHub

Optimize your processes with our powerful functions!

AI automation

Benefit from fully automated, reliable forecasts.

Forecast explanations

Understand which factors have a lasting impact on your results.

What IF analyses

Calculate the effects of changes in influencing factors.


Integrate upcoming events and promotions, such as discounts, seasons, promotional campaigns, or major events.


Find out immediately about potential changes in your forecasts. Our Horizons module takes into account fluctuations in the supply chain.


Our latest news and insights

"Who Cares Wins" – this was the title of the first ESG report in 2004. 20 years later, this thesis is still proving itself. More than ever. In the highly competitive global economy, adopting sustainable practices in the supply chain is not just a moral choice, but a strategic necessity. 

Demand Forecasting

Sustainability as Strategy: The New Frontier in Supply Chain Management

Demand Forecasting

Decarbonization meets artificial intelligence

Demand Forecasting

Applications of demand forecasting in various industries

Let's work together to ensure the sustainable success of your company.

During the initial consultation, we evaluate your project goals and offer you tailor-made support. From specific ideas to complex consulting via demand forecasting and carbon intelligence — use our for maximum business success!

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