Your start with AI

Data Thinking Workshop

In our data thinking workshop, we use design thinking methods to focus on your data, your company and your users. So that AI provides the added value you expect.


Data alone does not create added value.

How does a data science project succeed? What are the requirements? What is the first step? What added value is expected? Who are the users?

All of these questions are answered in our workshops.

Together, we look at your data strategy, find the right use case using data thinking and analyze your status quo. Because data alone offers no added value. Operationalization is the key.

In just a few hours, you will get a comprehensive insight into the requirements of an AI project and an overview of how pacemaker can help you individually so that your company also benefits from AI.

It's about more than just data

What is data thinking?

Data thinking is a holistic approach that helps companies to systematically identify user-oriented use cases that create actual added value.

It's a proven method that we've used in hundreds of projects. With data thinking, we take a look at your company, your business model, your challenges and data basis.

The Data Thinking Workshop is the ideal starting point to understand how data science can move your company forward.

Let's work together to ensure the sustainable success of your company.

During the initial consultation, we evaluate your project goals and offer you tailor-made support. From specific ideas to complex consulting via demand forecasting and carbon intelligence — use our for maximum business success!

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